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Saturday, December 3, 2011

TRANSAX QB Version Released!

The latest version of TRANSAX QB includes not only numerous usability enhancements, but also comes with new branding! Previously the TRANSAX QuickBooks Add-on, now called TRANSAX QB! The branding shift coincides with a branding strategy overhaul across the TRANSAX Technology suite.

This includes:

  • TRANSAX QB - previously the TRANSAX QuickBooks Add-on
  • TRANSAX FleXport - our powerful developers toolkit for integrating points of payment into any application!
  • TRANSAX Mobile - our mobile offering (available on Android. On iPhone the old iTRANSAX brand remains currently.)
  • TRANSAX Billpay - our Electronic Bill Payment and Presentment solution
With the latest release of TRANSAX QB, TRANSAX has made numerous improvements to the SynX process, the Batch process, and the handling of A/R accounts and Asset Accounts throughout the system.

More information on processing credit cards in QuickBooks using TRANSAX QB

Friday, September 30, 2011

Merchant Accounts 101

We had the opportunity to speak at the Accounting C4 2011 conference in Boston this year.  Take a look at the session now live on YouTube!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How I met Ben Stein at Accounting C4 in Boston!!

I just got back from the Accounting C4 (Cloud Computing Collaborative Community) conference in Boston. It was a great show! It was my first time in Boston, and I particularly enjoyed the boat cruise around the bay - what amazing architecture that Boston has!

We made many great new contacts at the show, but the most interesting person that I met was Ben Stein! He was there to give the keynote speech, and I had the pleasure of riding the elevator down with him the morning of his keynote.

He noticed that I was also a speaker (as my badge was tagged), and said "You're a speaker too!". I responded, "yeah, but not nearly as entertaining as you!". He asked what I was speaking about, and when I replied "Merchant Accounts", his response was, "I just make people laugh and think, you talk about the important stuff - money!"

His keynote is great! It made you laugh and think. Very entertaining, informative and intelligent.

And as for my session, we'll soon you can see for yourself. We took a video, and will be posting on YouTube soon. Watch this space!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Right Networks and Accounting C4

We're excited to be heading out to the C4 Accounting Cloud Computing Collaborative Community conference in Boston this weekend!

Right Networks is Intuit's Exclusive Provider of the QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions Hosting Service. And NELiX TransaX is Right Network's exclusive partner for providing payment processing services.

With our powerful QuickBooks plug in (TransaX QB), allowing merchants to process credit card transactions, run ACH / e-check transactions, run many transactions in a batch, pay vendors via ACH and much more, partnering with Right Networks was a perfect fit.

TransaX QB is already installed on the Right Networks cloud, so their client base has access to it instantly.

At the show this weekend, we'll be holding a session discussion how credit card transactions work - how the communication takes place, how the money flows and more. If you're in Boston, and interested in QuickBooks Cloud Computing, check out the show and attend our session!

More on Right Networks
More on C4 Accounting Cloud Computing Collaborative Community

Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Durbin Amendment

The recent Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010 had largely no affect on the merchant account side of the banking business. That is, until the Derbin Amendment was attached and pushed through.

I recently had the opportunity to see Senator Christopher Dodd speak at ETA, and he explained how the amendment was pushed through at the last minute - nobody really paid attention to it, and it just got passed along with everything else.

The Durbin Amendment has some major ramifications to the payment processing industry. Specifically:
  1. A cap of 7 to 12 cents on most debit card swipe fees, a decline of about 80% from present levels

  2. The introduction of competition, by giving merchants a choice as to which debit network they process transactions over. For example, present arrangements effectively force merchants to process many Visa transactions over the STAR network, even if competitors like PULSE and NYCE offer to conduct the same transaction at a lower processing price.

  3. Merchants can impose a $10 minimum on credit card transactions (this number can be adjusted by the Fed as they see fit). Previously, Visa and MasterCard banned this practice in their merchant agreements.

  4. Merchants are allowed to give discounts at the register to those who pay with cash or debit cards. Previously, Visa and MasterCard banned this practice in their merchant agreements.
Of course, anybody who makes their money from selling merchant accounts is unhappy about this. The amendment is under review, according to Senator Dodd, so we may see changes in the future, but that will most likely take some time.

A great article about this amendment can be found here (and some of the information in this blog was taken from this article):

Monday, July 25, 2011

Electronic Bill Pay and Presentment

Announcing the TRANSAX Electronic Bill Pay and Presentment Software - TRANSAX BillPay!

TRANSAX BillPay was built using the same high standards as our other technology offerings.

Our software is designed to hook into a merchant's backend system to receive accounts receivable data, and allows that merchant's customers to log in and pay their bills.

Customers can easily setup many different payment methods - both Credit Card and ACH. Automatic payments can be created. Payments can be made immediately or scheduled.

The system is flexible, easy to use and inexpensive. If you're interested in a demo, contact TRANSAX today!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

QuickBooks and Jobs

The TRANSAX QuickBooks Payment Processing Add-on now supports Jobs! Credit Card, ACH / E-Check / EFT, RDC / Remote Deposit / Check Conversion, batch processing, etc - all of the features available in the module can now be used at a customer or a job level!

More information on processing credit cards in QuickBooks using TRANSAX QB

Friday, July 15, 2011

How I won $2500 at ETA

This is the story of how I won $2500 playing poker at the North American Bancard Booth at ETA this year.

For the last ten years, ETA has been in Las Vegas every year. This year, their contract had ended with Mandalay Bay, and ETA was moved to San Diego. No gambling :-( Sadness. Or at least so I thought.

Every vendor at a trade show does whatever they can to bring people into their booth. Some vendors get extremely creative to get people into their booth. North American Bancard had a poker tournament at their booth as an incentive to get people in. So, being a poker player (not a great player, but not horrible - I'm OK), I said why not - and signed up.

There were 6 tables of 8. I was at the first table. Instantly I recognized the best player at the table (hint - it wasn't me). He was sitting at the opposite side of the table from me. It was a timed tournament. 45 minutes - person with the biggest stack goes onto the final table. 10 minutes left, there were 4 of us left. The player - sitting opposite of me - had the largest stack, by far, and it looked like he was going onto the final table. But, only a few minutes before the end of the game, I somehow took out the other two players on an "all in". My stack was suddenly the biggest at the table, and I went onto the final table.

When I got there, with the 5 other winners, I could tell every one of these guys knew how to play. Except one guy - he seemed kind of like a bit of a clown - he was obviously the worst player of the bunch of us - I could tell just by the way he carried himself and dressed.

By the end of the game, there were 4 of us left, and only about 15 minutes to go. Blinds were getting pretty high. The clown in the corner somehow had the biggest stack. He was just goofing around though - not taking the game seriously it seemed. Just like in the first game, I took the other two guys out - got lucky - on an all in. That left me and the clown, and he then ran down the clock.

Turns out the clown was the world series of blackjack champion a couple years back, and was a professional card player. I took second place, and won $2500. Woo hoo!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

ETA 2011

I was at the ETA show (Electronic Transaction Association) a few weeks ago. I wanted to blog about it earlier, but haven't had the time. It was a great experience! The show was in San Diego for the first time in years.

While I was there, I saw a monkey running around the trade show floor, sat in a Back to the Future Delorean replica, had way too many "bluetini's" (sponsored by American Express of course), and won $2500 in poker (a story for another blog).

Of course, I did a lot of business while I was there also! The great thing about ETA is that everybody from the industry is all in one place at one time. Well, not everybody, but a lot of key players are all in the same room at the same time. That is something that you really can't put a value on. Bank Cards, Banks, Processors, ISO's, gateway providers, terminal manufacturers, mobile technology, PCI compliance vendors, and so on.

There were great speakers this year - I really enjoyed listening to the keynotes specifically. Senator Chris Dodds spoke about the Durbin Amendment (I'll blog about separately) and Steve Wozniak (co-founder of Apple), spoke about technology and mobile processing. Both very interesting topics, given by two extremely interesting speakers.

All in all, it was a great show. Can't wait for next year!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I just ran across this link while surfing the other day:

This was some time ago it seems, but it's always nice to find our technology integrated into a system that we weren't even aware of :-)

Shopify is a hosted gateway built using Ruby. TRANSAX has a Ruby component that is part of Ruby's ActiveMerchant. ActiveMerchant makes it extremely easy for any Ruby developer to download and install the TRANSAX payment processing libraries. Once downloaded, the Ruby developer can easily integrate points of payment - credit card and ACH acceptance - into their application.

TRANSAX was integrated into Shopify some time ago.

More information on Shopify

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Tools for Android Developers

TRANSAX has released another update to the FlexPort ToolKit. The FlexPort ToolKit enables developers to easily integrate payment processing (credit card, debit card, ACH / e-check, remote deposit capture (RDC), etc) into their applications. With the latest release, a new class has been added specifically for Android developers.

Mobile payments is a growing market, and more and more app developers need a solution for accepting payments within the apps they build. Our tools make it as easy as plug and play to add points of payment into any Android app.

"This is the most exciting release to date," explains Matthew J. Schwartz, President of TRANSAX. "We plan to make it easy for mobile application developers to accept in-app payments."

The TRANSAX FlexPort Toolkit includes documentation, example integrations and modules for:
  • VB.NET 1.1
  • VB.NET 2.0
  • C#
  • Classic ASP
  • Microsoft Access
  • VB6
  • PHP
  • Ruby
  • 4D/4th Dimension
  • FileMaker
  • iMIS
  • Flex/Flash
  • FoxPro
  • ColdFusion
  • JAVA
  • Lasso
  • Android

"We have exciting new offerings in the near future in the mobile arena, " adds Adam O'Hare, Vice President of TRANSAX, " this market continues to grow, and we plan to continue to serve the development community."

More information on payment integrations using TRANSAX FlexPort

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mobile Payment Processing is going crazy!

It is clear that mobile computing is the wave of the future. With the introduction of "app" driven devices - first iPhone, then Android, and now Windows Mobile and Blackberry have jumped on board - the power of mobile devices has skyrocketed.

This environment is a haven for innovation and creativity. New uses for mobile technology are introduced on a daily basis. One area that there is a ton of activity, and much more to come is the mobile payment processing. Credit card acceptance through mobile devices is expected to skyrocket to $1 billion by 2014!!! Take a look at this article on the topic: Mobile Payments Take Hold Around The World.

We are very excited about our mobile strategy. TRANSAX mobile for iPhone has been out for over a year now, with great results. Our Android app will be introduced within a matter of days. But that is just the start. We have many exciting mobile related offerings to come. Our goal is to help everybody easily accept credit card and ACH / e-check payments through any mobile technology. Watch this space for more to come!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Accept credit card payments using Lasso

TRANSAX has released another update to their TRANSAX FlexPort. The FlexPort ToolKit enables developers to easily integrate payment processing (credit card, debit card, ACH / e-check, remote deposit capture (RDC), etc) into their applications. With the latest release, a new Lasso Tag has been added.

Lasso is a technology used by many FileMaker developers to build a web based front end. With the new Lasso Tag included in the FlexPort ToolKit, Lasso developers can easilya dd credit card acceptance to their application.

"Combining our Lasso Tag, our FileMaker plug-in, and our PHP integration examples, we are an ideal partner for any FileMaker developer looking to add credit card or ACH acceptance to their application," explains Matthew J. Schwartz, President of TRANSAX.

Monday, June 20, 2011

QuickBooks Module Version 6.0 Released! Now with Bill Pay!

Version 6.0 of our QuickBooks module has been released! Here are the new features:
  1. There is better “clairvoyance” in the drop down menus throughout the system.
  2. Add a new customer on the fly when creating a sales receipt
  3. Add a new customer on the fly when adding / updating vault records.
  4. Filter batches by invoice transaction date.
  5. Filter batches by invoice due date.
  6. Set the system up to “auto mark” invoices to be e-mailed after running a transaction.
  7. Set the system up to record the transaction description on the receive payment record.
  8. Bill Pay Module - Pay a vendor by ACH
  9. Bill Pay Module - Record that vendor in the vault
  10. Bill Pay Module - Run a “batch” bill pay to pay all vaulted vendors with open bills!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Android Developers - easily process payments in your app

Our philosophy has always been about empowering merchants and software developers. We do this by providing tools for both software developers and merchants that allow them to automate, enhance and streamline their business processes. Of course, our focus is in the payment processing space.

We want to help software developers easily integrate points of payment everywhere! The TransaX FleXport toolkit is a suite of tools for software developers using many different platforms. We have now added Android Developers into that mix! Our new Android FleXport component is a library that can be used by Android Developers.

Easily add points of payment to your Android app. Accept payments easily in games, shopping apps, subscription apps, music apps, etc. Using our technology, you can create easy one click purchases, allowing customers to pay with billing info already on file.

If you are an Android developer that builds custom apps for your customers, and you use our technology for your payment processing needs, you can sign up for our agent program and build an additional income stream.

More information on Android payment processing integration.
Get our Android virtual terminal app here!
Download TransaX FleXport

TRANSAX Mobile on the Android - Process Credit Card and ACH

TRANSAX is proud to introduce TRANSAX Mobile - now available on Android mobile devices!!!

Accept credit card (Mastercard, Visa, Discover, AMEX, etc) and ACH (E-check / EFT) on your Android Mobile device. Send e-mail receipts and issue refunds. It's easy to accept payments on the go with TRANSAX Mobile.

With mobile technologies on the rise at an amazing pace, and everybody moving faster and faster, new options for payment processing continue to pop up. TRANSAX Mobile, the new Android app, is our first offering in the Android marketplace. Our iPhone offering has had amazing success, and we are even more excited about Android. We have many enhancements planned. Keep an eye on for updates!

More information on processing credit cards using TRANSAX Mobile

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Understanding a Credit Card Sale

While almost all businesses today accept credit cards, the vast majority of business owners don't truly understand how a credit card transaction works, the different cost structures, the PCI compliance aspect, or the automation options available. The goal of this article is to help make the complicated world of credit card processing more transparent.

It seems simple enough – hand a business your credit card, they hand over your purchase, and a couple of days later they have your money and you're enjoying your latest toy. What that situation doesn't show you are the 8 other companies which make it possible. Not counting the Consumer and the Merchant, all of the following companies have a hand in processing a single credit card sale:

  • Issuing Bank – The financial institution from which the Consumer obtained their credit or debit card. If you have a Chase credit or debit card for instance, then Chase is your Issuing Bank

  • Acquiring Bank – The financial institution which authorized and allows a business to accept payments via credit or debit card

  • Front End Processor – The communication network between the Merchant and the Acquiring Bank

  • Back End Processor – The interbank communication network which allows the Issuing Bank and Acquiring Bank to exchange transaction data

  • Card Association or Payment Brand – Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, or similar association of financial institutions which oversee and operate the credit and debit card solutions provided by the Issuing Banks. The applicable Association's logo appears on the credit or debit card

  • Point of Sale System – Point of Sale (POS) systems are typically used by retail merchants for processing card present, face-to-face transactions. This usually involves hardware like a computer, cash drawer, card readers, pin pad, and more. Sometimes, it's just a simple credit card terminal

  • Payment Gateway – A payment gateway is the software equivalent of a hardware terminal. Its how Internet merchants and almost any merchant using software like QuickBooks submit transactions to the Acquiring Bank for processing

  • ISO/MSP – Banks don't actually sell any merchant accounts directly. They sell merchant services exclusively through Independent Sales Organizations or Merchant Services Providers (ISO/MSP) which is Visa's terminology and MasterCard's terminology respectively. Some banks own an ISO/MSP which makes it appear as though they are selling merchant services themselves

So how does it all work? A transaction happens in milliseconds, but it's a big loop. To illustrate how a typical transaction works, let's say a merchant uses the NELiX TransaX QuickBooks Module to process their credit card sales. The process would flow like this:

(deep breath)

  • The NELiX TransaX QuickBooks Module "builds" the transaction by pulling invoice information out of QuickBooks such as the dollar amount, shipping address, etc. The merchant then either hand keys the credit card information or swipes the card to get it automatically. QuickBooks is the POS in this situation.

  • When the merchant clicks "Submit" to process the transaction, the NELiX TransaX module posts the transaction to the TransaX Payment Gateway.

  • The TransaX Payment Gateway submits the transaction to the Acquiring bank through the Front End Processor.

  • The Acquiring Bank identifies the Issuing Bank based on card number and forwards the transaction data to them over the Bank End Processor.

  • Once the Issuing Bank receives the transaction data, it either approves or declines the sale based on a variety of criteria. The Issuing Bank then sends the response back to the Acquiring Bank via the Back End Processor.

  • Finally, the Acquiring Bank sends the transaction response back through the Front End Processor to the TransaX Gateway. The TransaX Gateway communicates the result to the TransaX QuickBooks module. If it's successful, invoices are marked as 'Paid' and the merchant is done. If the transaction failed, they can check the reason why and choose what to do next.

And all of that happens in about 2 seconds. Perhaps a picture would help explain better. This is how Visa itself explains it:

To make all of this happen, the Card Associations have created a complex pricing structure called "Interchange". Interchange is comprised of nearly 500 different transaction types based on the industry of the merchant, type of card, and method of card acceptance. The cost for a transaction varies depending on which line item of Interchange you hit. As an example, a typical rewards card where the cardholder earns airline miles or other incentives is much more expensive to process than a regular debit card.

The Card Associations has also created several different pricing structures. Some structures are designed with fixed costs to be easier to understand, but can be more expensive overall. Other pricing structures can be more cost-effective, but are much more difficult to understand. The fees collected from the merchant are divided by all of the aforementioned processing parties. The Issuing Bank gets the lion's share, around 90% of the Interchange cost. The remaining pennies are divided by the Acquiring Bank, Processing Network, Card Associations and ISOs. There are also outside costs associated with Payment Gateways, Terminals or Point of Sale equipment.

Aside from the costs, Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance is a growing security consideration. PCI Compliance is about meeting the Data Security Standards for protecting cardholder data. Merchants agree to adhere to PCI Standards when they sign up for a merchant account and the Card Associations enforce it. If there is a breach with loss of credit card numbers, there can be fines of tens of thousands of dollars per incident, especially if it is shown that the merchant was not PCI compliant. The best way to make sure a merchant is compliant is to not store cardholder information at all. If you are not storing credit card numbers, then obviously you don't have to worry about them being stolen which is the biggest danger. Many Payment Gateways, for example the NELiX TransaX Payment Gateway, allow you to store the cardholder data inside the Payment Gateway, instead of locally. You then use a "token" to reference the billing information whenever you need it. This addresses the majority of the PCI compliance concerns and reduces the possibility of card data theft.

One of the greatest trends in the credit card acceptance world today is the increasing automation and use of technology. Because of the Payment Gateway, which is a software based tool rather than a hardware based tool like swipe terminals, further automation and innovation pops up every day. With new social payments tools, mobile payments, and other emerging technologies, it's easier and easier for people to exchange money. Even within software applications like QuickBooks, automation is more possible than ever. With tools like the NELiX TransaX QuickBooks Module, automation can be added to accept ACH / E-check payments, run credit card transactions in a batch, sync transactions that occurred on your website, send payments to vendors, and more.

There's more information in each of these subjects that can be truly covered here. Hopefully, this has provided some insight into credit card processes, cost structures, security, and automation.

If you'd like to learn more, we encourage you to contact NELiX TransaX at 866-513-1547 or

Thursday, March 17, 2011

QuickBooks Payment Processing - a Testamonial

It is always great when you hear from a client who appreciates the work you've done. Here is a letter I recently received:

"I’ve probably said thank you already, but can I just express one last round of
thanks for the amazing work you did with the automation of the billing (and the
invoice check-off)?

You are a genius, and this has truly made the billing experience so much easier.

I appreciate all of your help. " - Barbara Cesarello, StubHub

What makes this even more flattering is that StubHub is owned by E-Bay, the same company that owns PayPal. StubHub turned to us to help them with their QuickBooks billing process. The use of our QuickBooks plug in for credit card and ACH acceptance greatly streamlined their process.

More on StubHub.
More on the NELiX TransaX QuickBooks plug-in for credit card and ACH acceptance.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Process Credit Card Payments Using Lasso

Lasso is a tool that has long been used by FileMaker developers to create web based front ends with a FileMaker back end.

Although, as time has moved on, many developers now use PHP for their web based front end, many developers still choose to build their solutions using Lasso.

NELiX TransaX now has a FleXport component to help Lasso developers easily integrate credit card acceptance into their applications. With components for FileMaker, PHP and Lasso, NELiX TransaX is an ideal choice for FileMaker developers when it comes to their clients payment processing needs.

More information on FileMaker credit card / ACH acceptance.
More information on PHP credit card / ACH integration.
More informaiton on NELiX TransaX FleXport

Sunday, February 27, 2011

NELiX TransaX LLC adds Accounts Payable / Bill Pay to their QuickBooks payment processing plug in.

The NELiX TransaX QuickBooks Module has gained a significant amount of attention in the QuickBooks community. Features such as the ability to process ACH / E-Check payments, the ability to run check scans (Remote Deposit Capture - RDC / Check Conversion), the powerful Sync module that pulls in transactions from other sources, such as a website, and the most sought after feature - the batch process, which allows merchants to process thousands of transactions against their invoices with the click of a button, has made the NELiX TransaX QuickBooks module a valuable tool for many merchants.

With the latest major release of the NELiX TransaX, QuickBooks module, a new accounts payable module has been added. The Bill Pay module allows merchants to pay their vendors using an ACH transaction.

"With the new Bill Pay module, " explains Adam O'Hare, Vice President of NELiX TransaX, "merchants have the ability to pay hundreds or thousands of bills with one simple action."

Just like with the credit card / ACH acceptance module, the Bill Pay module allows merchants to memorize their vendor's payment information. This information is stored in our secure, PCI compliant gateway.

Merchants no longer have to print checks, sign checks, stuff envelopes, stamp envelops, mail letters, wait for returned mail, and then deal with address corrects. Now everything can happen in real time and electronically. The payment is deposited into the vendor's bank account, and the bill payment is recorded in QuickBooks.

The new 6.0 release contains many other enhancements, such as the ability to create new customers on the fly as processing transactions, the ability to auto mark invoices for e-mailing, more filtering on the batch process and much more.

"We're committed to making merchant's lives easier through technology, " says Matthew J. Schwartz, President of NELiX TransaX, "and this release represents a tremendous savings of time and money to many merchants."

Information on the NELiX TransaX QuickBooks module can be found at
Information about NELiX TransaX can be found at
Information on NELiX TransaX FleXPort can be found at

Pay Bills Through QuickBooks!!

Some time ago, during one of our month end processes, I watched as my staff proccessed hundreds of payments. We use QuickBooks, so this meant that we had to print out all of the checks, stuff them in envelopes, stamp them, then bring them to the post office.

Of course, some of them were returned with bad address, and we'd have to chase those down. So, I was thinking that it was so easy to collect payments using the NELiX TransaX QuickBooks module, why couldn't you make payments too?

So now, with the new release of the NELiX TransaX QuickBooks Payment Module version 6, you can now pay your vendors with ACH, store their billing informaiton for subsequent payments, and use our batch process to pay hundreds or thousands of vendors at once at the click of a button!!!

Watch this space for more information, or contact us today!

Friday, February 25, 2011

FileMaker DevCon Here We Come!

We are excited to be once again exhibiting at FileMaker DevCon this year in August in Sunny San Diego!

We'll be showing off our FileMaker technology for running credit cards and ACH / e-check transactions directly from your FileMaker database. We're especially excited that this year we'll have an opportunity to be on stage and showcase our technology to the attendees.

Don't hesitate - sign up for the show today! We hope to see you there.

Friday, January 28, 2011

NELiX TransaX Now QuickBooks ProAdvisors!

Yep, we did it! It seemed to make a lot of sense. We've been working with the QuickBooks community for so long, and doing so much development and customization of our module, it seemed logical to finally take the plunge and become ProAdvisors.

Our QuickBooks module has seen a ton of interest from so many different groups. With the ability to run ACH / E-Check transactions through QuickBooks (as well as Credit Card and Debit Card transactions), along with the batch process and our powerful sync process, our module not only gives merchants an alternative when it comes to payment processing, but it adds a lot of functionality to QuickBooks as well.

Merchants, accountants, banks, and even our competitors have shown a ton of interest in this module. Take a look at what it can do!

The biggest advantage of our gateway comes from power that it puts in the hands of your developers. Easily integrate with your application and take advantage of features to enhance your system.

We invite you to a live demo and the opportunity to build a partnership. Our promise to partners is, through innovation, today's products will be relentlessly enhanced into tomorrow's solutions.

1921-A Rohlwing Road
Rolling Meadows IL 60008-4800
P) 866-513-1547
F) 866-513-1548