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Why don't merchants process credit cards from Microsoft Access?

I don't get it. When you talk about a web based application accepting credit cards is one of the first questions that is asked. When you talk about a database, nobody ever thinks about credit card processing. Take Microsoft Access for example. I have worked with Access since it's inception back in 1991. I have worked with hundreds of Access databases over the years, and met many other Access developers. There are millions upon millions of databases out there - order entry systems, fulfillment systems, customer service systems, call center systems, etc. There are databases setup for every purpose you can imagine. So, why don't people process credit cards from directly within their Microsoft Access database? Processing from within MS Access is no different than processing from a website. Your database hits a payment gateway, which in turn hits your merchant account. Writing this code is not brain surgery - in fact, take a look at this example of integrating credi

QuickBooks Payment Add-on - Now with Swipe and Vista

The TRANSAX Gateway QuickBooks credit card add-on is arguably the flagship of our powerful FlexPort package. Previously, we have attracted a lot of interest from developers of all types - Flash/Flex/Actionscript, FileMaker, 4D, Access, ASP, .NET, Ruby, PHP, etc. Our QuickBooks Add-on has received so much interest, that we have spent a lot of time enhancing and improving the module. Most recently, we have added: Swipe support, which allows merchants to get card present rates. Windows Vista support! Additional enhancements to the batch processing function. The new version is now available! Download it today More information about our QuickBooks Payment Add-on

The TRANSAX Gateway

The TRANSAX payment gateway is the core of our offerings. All of our FleXport technology - examples using 4D, FileMaker, PHP, Ruby, Access, Classic ASP, .NET, iMIS, QuickBooks, Flash/Flex, etc - use the payment gateway to work their magic. Because this is a critical piece of our technology, we have recently launched a site dedicated to the gateway itself! The  TRANSAX Gateway site talked about features such as our Customer Vault for PCI compliance and tokenizing transactions, our rich fraud prevention tools, our ACH tools and our integration options. Sign up for a free demo at the site and see for yourself why the TRANSAX Gateway stands far above the rest. The TRANSAX Gateway site

QuickBooks Credit Cards and ACH - Earn Residuals

I have blogged frequently about our QuickBooks Add-on for processing credit cards and ACH/E-check. There is a reason for this. Although our rich FlexPort technology contains code for integrating credit card and ACH/E-check processing on many different platforms - FileMaker, 4D, Ruby, PHP, MS Access, VB.NET, C#, ASP, etc, etc - the QuickBooks Add-on is the most exciting. The reason is simple - the QuickBooks Add-on is an easy to use application that works with QuickBooks to easily add Credit Card and ACH/E-check processing to QuickBooks. The module contains features that QuickBooks does not support out of the box - i.e the ability to run ACH/E-check transactions, the ability to process payments in a batch, the ability to run unattended batches, etc. It is easy to install, and has a very friendly user interface. Because of this, we have attracted a lot of interest from ISO's, CPA's, programmers, consultants and merchants. Throughout all of these QuickBooks related