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TRANSAX Gateway + QuickBooks Review (Charlie Russell, Sleeter Group)

Charlie Russell asks "What Is TRANSAX Gateway and Why Do I Need It?" and then provides a detailed breakdown of our gateway. Check out the full review here: TRANSAX Gateway for QuickBooks Desktop Merchant Services More about Mr. Russell : Charlie Russell is the founder of CCRSoftware. He's been involved with the small business software industry since the mid 70's, and remembers releasing his first commercial accounting software product when you had a one-floppy disk drive system, loading the program from one floppy and then replacing that with the other floppy to hold the data. He has a special interest in inventory and manufacturing software for small businesses. Charlie is a Certified Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor with additional certifications for QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Enterprise. He also is a Xero Certified Partner. Visit his CCRSoftware web site for information about his QuickBooks add-on products. Charlie can be reached at charlie.russ

See the TRANSAX Hosted Payments Solution in Action

New video demo of our Hosted Payment Solution is now available on YouTube. Brought to you by the TRANSAX Gateway. Completely robust and fully responsive. This is just a taste of what our HPP solution can do. Even more enhancements are in the works.

MWAA 2014 - Visit Booth #GS7 (Enter and Turn Left!)

Attending MWAA 2014? Stop by booth #GS7 for a live preview of our modern gateway. Just enter the Grand Ballroom and immediately turn left. Walk to our table and ask us about White Labeling , Sub Agent Management , Merchant Access , Pricing Flexibility , BillPay Invoicing System and our re-envisioned Hosted Payment Page . Special conference rates are available for new agents.* Just released: Merchant Boarding API control. Teeing off at Willow Creek on Tuesday? Look for a TRANSAX representative wandering around tall brush behind the OB markers. Further confirming our street cred as tech geeks. Find out what makes us different?

Hosted Payment Pages: Customized, Mobilized, and QR Code'ized

Merchants like hosted payment pages because they avoid security risks as the PCI standards are supported by the gateway itself. What makes our hosted payment page different is the flexibility of included fields and the ability to reach a customer within seconds. Using only their phone, a merchant can log into their account, create a new payment page and then email a direct link to any customer. The email is immediately sparked to the inbox of the customer and with one click a mobilized payment page is available on their phone. Our system also generates a unique QR Code that can be used for marketing collateral, invoices, or anything they desire.

Stop by Booth #1126 at Transact 14 in Las Vegas

What does Bacon and Payment Processing have in common? Okay, nothing but for some reason people love our t-shirts.  Swing by Booth #1126 and grab one. We have a ton of new features to show off this year. And new agents that sign up at the show will get up to 40% off on their base monthly buy rate. Our Gateway is as much for Agents, as it is for Merchants. We know that your merchants need a variety of tools to conduct business. And we understand that an agent can close a deal or lose a deal in a matter of seconds. That is why our modern interface dynamically responds to fit any screen - PC's, tablets, and mobile devices. One system. Every device. This is just one difference you will find with TRANSAX. You have no idea what we are working on for 2015. Join now, lock in a great plan, and let TRANSAX lead your research and development. Our promise to partners is, through innovation, today's products will be relentlessly enhanced into tomorrow's solutions.

Flexible Pricing Controls

At one time we were resellers of all the top gateways. Like our agents, we would cherry pick which gateway to use based on the needs of the merchant. That was until we built our own gateway from the ground up in an effort to eliminate a fragmented portfolio. Part of our inspiration for the rebuild was flexible pricing. We have all lost prospects to unavoidable fee structures. Most of the time there is nothing an agent can do about it. Or is there? With our gateway agents can do three things other gateways usually won't allow: Sell Below Buy Rate - Sell lower than your own costs or waive fees entirely. You have the power to create and market any pricing package you want. Feature by Feature Pricing - Virtually every feature can be sold with additional fees including Setup, Monthly, or Transaction basis. Charge by Basis Points - Charge merchants using basis points instead of a flat monthly or transaction fee. Flexible Pricing Controls

TRANSAX Gateway now fully Responsive!

Today TRANSAX has announced that the TRANSAX Gateway has been fully redesigned using Responsive HTML.Responsive HTML and HTML 5 are the latest platform for building mobile ready websites. Using a fully Responsive design, the website completely re-flows based on its container. So, the website looks spectacular whether viewed on a mobile browser, on a tablet, on a desktop computer, on a kiosk, on a TV, or any size screen.

TRANSAX Gateway gives merchants control over their Hosted Payment Form

Many small merchants and medium sized merchants, as well as many software as a service providers, seek to use a Hosted Payment Form for collecting payments from their customers. This allows the payment to occur on a PCI compliant third party website, and therefore takes the merchant out of scope from a PCI compliance perspective. The disadvantage of this practice is that the merchants lose control over the form.