TRANSAX Gateway gives merchants control over their Hosted Payment Form

Many small merchants and medium sized merchants, as well as many software as a service providers, seek to use a Hosted Payment Form for collecting payments from their customers. This allows the payment to occur on a PCI compliant third party website, and therefore takes the merchant out of scope from a PCI compliance perspective. The disadvantage of this practice is that the merchants lose control over the form.

Today, TRANSAX has announced an upgraded Hosted Payment Form mechanism giving merchants complete control over the look and feel of the form. Using this mechanism, Merchants have the ability to:
  • Completely configure which fields appear or do not appear on the form.
  • Completely control which fields are required, and which are visible but not editable.
  • Pre-populate data.
  • Set a limit on how many times a specific form can be used before it is deactivated.
  • Accept credit card and / or ACH.
  • Auto tokenize data.
  • Run a sale or an auth.
  • Generate a link, iFrame code, or a QR Code that can be texted, e-mailed, put on printed material, etc.
  • Specify an amount, or allow the user to specify an amount.
  • Customize e-mail receipts.
  • Completely configurable via API.

And because it’s all built using our Responsive design, the form looks great at any size! Put it in a small or large iFrame, send it to people to access on their phone or tablet – use it easily from anywhere! "Our re-designed Hosted Payment Page will give our merchants and partners a high level of flexibility when building their applications." Explains Adam O’Hare, Vice President. And Matt Schwartz, President, added "Plus when you combine it with our powerful pricing and billing tools, it becomes a powerful offering for Software as a Service providers."

Try the TRANSAX HPP out! Visit


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