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Process Credit Cards and ACH in Excel!

Before you say "wha huh?", imagine an organization that keeps their customer list in Excel, and tracks orders in Excel.  Yes, there are companies that track their entire business in Excel.  Excel is an extremely powerful application that can be pushed very far. With the latest release of TRANSAX FlexPort , an Excel example is included.  Excel can be used as a virtual terminal, payment data for customers "tokenized" and those tokens can be stored within Excel, to be processed again later.   This creates a secure / PCI compliant configuration within Excel. Download FlexPort and take a look! More information on TRANSAX

TRANSAX FlexPort 6.3 released with Excel and CGI

TRANSAX has released a number of new technologies in the latest TRANSAX FlexPort release. These include a new Excel example. This allows Excel developers to easily integrate credit card and ACH processing within an Excel based application. Additionally, a new CGI (PERL based) integration example is included as well. Perhaps the most notable change in the latest offering is the addition of Magtek Magensafe support within FileMaker. This allows FileMaker developers to deliver a secure, PCI compliant solution with swipe support and end-to-end encryption. "You would be surprised how many Excel developers are out there who would like to include points of payment within their spreadsheet," explains Matthew J. Schwartz, CPP, President. "We've also helped legacy developers with our CGI / PERL offerring. But we are most excited about the new Magnesafe support within FileMaker." The TRANSAX FlexPort Toolkit includes documentation, example integrations and modules fo

Swipe Credit Cards through FileMaker with End-to-End Encryption

MIAMI, FL. – July 16, 2012 – TRANSAX today announced the release of FleXport 6.3 . TRANSAX FleXport is a toolkit to help developers easily integrate points of payment into any application they are developing. This toolkit includes a free FileMaker plug-in. The latest version of the TRANSAX FileMaker Plug-In includes support for Magtek Magnesafe Swipe Readers . Magnesafe is a new technology that encrypts the credit card payload at the head. The payload is decrypted at the payment gateway. This allows a true end-to-end encryption, creating a secure PCI Compliant environment. “PCI Compliance is a major concern amongst merchants,” explains Matthew Schwartz, President of TRANSAX Gateway. “Security breaches leading to credit card theft can put a merchant out of business. Anything that can be done to reduce risk or bring the merchant’s processing out of scope, is a great benefit.” The TRANSAX FileMaker plug-in has no upfront or license costs and is easy to setup. TRANSAX will b

Miami and FileMaker DevCon here we come!

As you read this, we are on our way to Miami for FileMaker DevCon 2012 .  We're excited to show off our easy to use plug in for credit card / debit card / ACH processing automation.  No licensing fees, easy to use, and FileMaker developers on staff and waiting to help! This is our third year at DevCon.  It's a great group, a lot of friendly faces, and tons of great information to learn.   We hope to see you there! More information on the processing credit cards and ACH within FileMaker using TRANSAX FlexPort

Pay Vendors in QuickBooks with TransaX QB - now on YouTube

See how easy it is to pay your vendors with ACH using QuickBooks and TRANSAX QB:

Process Credit Cards using FileMaker - YouTube Video

Take a look at our new YouTube video on how easy it is to use TRANSAX FlexPort to integrate credit card and ACH processing into your FileMaker database.

VB.NET WinForms and payment processing

The question of adding credit card and ACH acceptance into a .NET web based application is one that comes up frequently.   Most web based applications have some form of payment processing. Less frequently does the question of integrating payment acceptance into a .NET Windows Forms based application.   However, the question does come up from time to time.   In answer to that question, TRANSAX has just added a VB.NET WinForms example into our FlexPort toolkit!  If you are trying to integrate points of payment into a VB.NET WinForms app, look no further - we have your answer here!

TRANSAX FlexPort 6.2 Released!

TRANSAX, based in Rolling Meadows IL, turns their attention to PERL TRANSAX has released a new version of the FlexPort ToolKit. FlexPort enables developers to easily integrate payment processing (credit card, debit card, ACH / e-check, remote deposit capture (RDC), etc) into their applications. With the latest release, a new PERL component has been added. "PERL is one of the oldest web based technologies that is still in use today," explains Matthew J. Schwartz, President of TRANSAX. "And now PERL developers can easily integrate points of payment." Additionally, the new release contains an updated Android JAVA class, and a new VB.NET WinForms example. The FlexPort Toolkit includes documentation, example integrations and modules for: VB.NET 1.1 VB.NET 2.0 C# Classic ASP Microsoft Access VB6 PHP Ruby 4D/4th Dimension FileMaker iMIS Flex/Flash FoxPro ColdFusion JAVA Lasso Android PERL Information about TRANSAX can be found at http://www

Certified Payment Professionals times 2!

TRANSAX is extremely proud to be able to say that we have not one, but two Certified Payment Professionals steering the ship.   The CPP program is a way that merchants can trust that they are dealing with somebody who understands the industry, has been around for awhile, and answers to a higher authority - namely, the Electronic Transaction Association . Both Matthew J. Schwartz, President, and Adam O'Hare, Vice President, have been part of the inaugural group of Certified Payment Professionals.

Process Credit Cards and ACH with PERL

PERL is one of the oldest web technology.  Since PERL has been introduced, many other development platforms have been introduced.  Yet PERL has remained a language that is used for website applications to this day.   To answer the needs of PERL developers trying to integrate points of payment into their application, we decided to add a PERL component to our FlexPort toolkit. With FlexPort, PERL developers can easily and quickly add credit card and ACH / E-check acceptance into their PERL based applications and scripts. TRANSAX Gateway PERL integration

Scaling New Heights

I just returned from Nashville, TN and the Scaling New Heights conference.  We were pleased to be a sponsor this year.  Scaling New Heights is a gathering of QuickBooks ProAdvisors and other QuickBooks professionals.   It was a large and friendly group of individuals!   We enjoyed meeting new people, and reconnecting with old friends.  TRANSAX QB allows credit card / debit card / ACH processing through QuickBooks with additional features such as batch processing, transaction sync, account payables and more, was a big hit! We hope to see you again next year in Orlando! More information on processing credit cards in QuickBooks using TRANSAX QB

Adam O'Hare is now a Certified Payment Professional (CPP)

The Electronic Transactions Association (ETA) is pleased to announce that Adam O'Hare has been granted the designation of Certified Payments Professional™ (CCP). By successfully meeting the rigorous certification examination requirements, he has joined an exclusive community of electronic transactions professionals who have earned this distinguished certification. In doing so, Mr. O'Hare brings the highest level of expertise and distinction in electronic transactions to TRANSAX. Recognizing the unique skills and special knowledge required of electronic transactions professionals, ETA launched the certification program in 2011. In addition to meeting the program's education and experience requirements, those awarded the CPP™ designation must complete a minimum of 36 hours of industry-related continuing professional education every three years. More and more employers, faced with critical staffing decisions, consider the CPP™ credential an added value to current and prospecti