Swipe Credit Cards through FileMaker with End-to-End Encryption

MIAMI, FL. – July 16, 2012 – TRANSAX today announced the release of FleXport 6.3. TRANSAX FleXport is a toolkit to help developers easily integrate points of payment into any application they are developing. This toolkit includes a free FileMaker plug-in.

The latest version of the TRANSAX FileMaker Plug-In includes support for Magtek Magnesafe Swipe Readers. Magnesafe is a new technology that encrypts the credit card payload at the head. The payload is decrypted at the payment gateway. This allows a true end-to-end encryption, creating a secure PCI Compliant environment.

“PCI Compliance is a major concern amongst merchants,” explains Matthew Schwartz, President of TRANSAX Gateway. “Security breaches leading to credit card theft can put a merchant out of business. Anything that can be done to reduce risk or bring the merchant’s processing out of scope, is a great benefit.”

The TRANSAX FileMaker plug-in has no upfront or license costs and is easy to setup. TRANSAX will be demonstrating the Magtek Magnesafe Swipe capabilities at the upcoming FileMaker Developer Conference 2012 in Miami, Florida.


TRANSAX is the only payment processing provider that intrinsically understands the needs and desires of software developers. Why? It’s simple. We are software developers ourselves. TRANSAX is a unique entity. TRANSAX is a merchant account acquirer that grew organically from a custom web development business. We can assist with your payment processing integration or take care of it for you.




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