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QuickBooks and Sleeter Group

Last week was an amazing week at the Sleeter Group conference at the Paris Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. From what I understand, there were approximately 700 people in attendance. All united by a common cause - QuickBooks . More specifically, how to bring better solutions to their QuickBooks customers. NELiX TransaX was proud to be an exhibitor this year. Our offering attracted much attention. Of specific interest was our capability of running ACH (e-check) transactions through QuickBooks , the batch mode, allowing QuickBooks users to run credit card and ACH transactions for hundreds or thousands of customers at the click of a button, and the sync processing, allowing users to easily bring in transactions run at other point of sales, such as a website, mobile device or retail environment. Many of our partners were there, many of our associates and friends, and many advisers already had customers using us. It was a great gathering, a phenomenal educational trac

The Sleeter Group

Wow - we've been busy! I didn't even realize how long it's been since we've posted a new blog entry. We have been so wrapped up in helping our merchants integrate payment processing into their technology, we haven't had a chance to update you with all of the exciting things going on at NELiX TransaX! Well, have no fear, I'm back to blog! Tomorrow, we head out to the Paris hotel in Las Vegas for the 2010 Sleeter Group Conference. The Sleeter Group is the largest nationwide group of QuickBooks ProAdvisors. Our QuickBooks plug-in has drawn quite a bit of attention amongst this group, with the ability to run ACH transactions from within QuickBooks, the ability to run credit cards in a batch, the ability to sync your website or any other systems transactions with QuickBooks, and much more. If you'll be attending, stop by our booth! I'll be back to blog more after the show. More information on processing ACH and credit cards within QuickBooks .