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TRANSAX QB Version Released!

The latest version of TRANSAX QB includes not only numerous usability enhancements, but also comes with new branding! Previously the TRANSAX QuickBooks Add-on, now called TRANSAX QB! The branding shift coincides with a branding strategy overhaul across the TRANSAX Technology suite. This includes: TRANSAX QB - previously the TRANSAX QuickBooks Add-on TRANSAX FleXport - our powerful developers toolkit for integrating points of payment into any application! TRANSAX Mobile - our mobile offering (available on Android. On iPhone the old iTRANSAX brand remains currently.) TRANSAX Billpay - our Electronic Bill Payment and Presentment solution With the latest release of TRANSAX QB, TRANSAX has made numerous improvements to the SynX process, the Batch process, and the handling of A/R accounts and Asset Accounts throughout the system. More information on processing credit cards in QuickBooks using TRANSAX QB