Why don't merchants process credit cards from Microsoft Access?

I don't get it. When you talk about a web based application accepting credit cards is one of the first questions that is asked.

When you talk about a database, nobody ever thinks about credit card processing. Take Microsoft Access for example. I have worked with Access since it's inception back in 1991. I have worked with hundreds of Access databases over the years, and met many other Access developers.

There are millions upon millions of databases out there - order entry systems, fulfillment systems, customer service systems, call center systems, etc. There are databases setup for every purpose you can imagine.

So, why don't people process credit cards from directly within their Microsoft Access database? Processing from within MS Access is no different than processing from a website. Your database hits a payment gateway, which in turn hits your merchant account. Writing this code is not brain surgery - in fact, take a look at this example of integrating credit card processing in Microsoft Access!

There is some type of block in the mind of database developers that stops them before they think about automation of credit card processing. People just don't think about it as a possibility.

It's not just Microsoft Access - it's every non-web based platform! FileMaker, 4th Dimension, you name it (by the way, we have examples of credit card integration with FileMaker and 4D available.)

Once, as a database developer, you realize that this can be done, and can be easily done, you can start to see ways to automate this piece of your customers business.

That is what we are here for! We're here to educate the database development community - you CAN process credit cards and ACH transactions from within your database and you can do it EASILY! Check out our examples, and then let your imagination go from there. I guarantee that at least some of your customers can benefit from an integrated payment processing system.

We partner with developers to help them bring payment processing automation to their customers. With our tools:
  • Developers can further automate their customers business processes.
  • Developers can earn development dollars when integrating the payment processing automation.
  • Customers benefit from a newly streamlined payment processing procedure
  • Customers benefit from reduced rates
  • Developers earn an ongoing residual stream
It's a win-win-win situation! If you are interested in learning more:
Credit Card / ACH Integration for Developers


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