VB6 / Visual Basic 6 - credit card and ACH procecessing

I find myself working in VB6 very frequently lately.

And, as we put out examples of integrating credit card and ACH processing on a variety of different platforms, it occurred to me that we've integrated these types of features into many VB6 applications lately. Visual Basic is a programming language that has been around for quite some time now, and is loved by many developers.

Our FleXport library has examples in VBScript, VBA and VB.NET, but not VB6. Well, until now! We've recently updated our library to include a VB6 integration example.

VB6 shines when low level communication is needed - for example, when you need to communicate with a piece of hardware directly, or hook into the windows api. VB6 is still a tool of choice for many developers in these scenarios, and many of these applications also have need for some type of credit card processing, or ACH / E-check processing component.

With our examples (using the NELiX TransaX Gateway) it's easy!

Visual Basic 6 Credit Card Integration
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