QuickBooks Module Version 6.0 Released! Now with Bill Pay!

Version 6.0 of our QuickBooks module has been released! Here are the new features:
  1. There is better “clairvoyance” in the drop down menus throughout the system.
  2. Add a new customer on the fly when creating a sales receipt
  3. Add a new customer on the fly when adding / updating vault records.
  4. Filter batches by invoice transaction date.
  5. Filter batches by invoice due date.
  6. Set the system up to “auto mark” invoices to be e-mailed after running a transaction.
  7. Set the system up to record the transaction description on the receive payment record.
  8. Bill Pay Module - Pay a vendor by ACH
  9. Bill Pay Module - Record that vendor in the vault
  10. Bill Pay Module - Run a “batch” bill pay to pay all vaulted vendors with open bills!


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