FileMaker and Payment Processing

FileMaker is arguably the easiest database to use on the planet. Anybody, regardless of their programming or database experience can pick FileMaker up and build a database.

This has always been FileMaker's greatest strength. People who use FileMaker typically do not want to move away from FileMaker because of the usability features that are inherent in the application. The fact that it's a cross platform solution that runs on both Mac and Windows is an added bonus.

Of course, every database platform has its advantages and disadvantages. Typically the trade off for ease of use is power. As an application grows more powerful, it also becomes more complicated. FileMaker has maintained it's ease of use for the last 20 years! But, to maintain that ease of use, it has sacrificed the power that some of FileMaker's competitors have. It is the standard trade off - most database vendors choose power over ease of use. FileMaker distinguishes itself by choosing ease of use over power.

The disadvantage of that philosophy is that, while it's extremely easy to use, more complex tasks become very difficult. For example, if a company is using FileMaker and they would like to add real time credit card acceptance or real time ACH acceptance, it is not an easy undertaking. It is difficult to integrate, and costly to setup.

NELiX TransaX has changed all of that! With the latest release of NELiX TransaX FleXPort (, we have included sample FileMaker databases that show how easy it is to integrate payment processing within FileMaker! These examples work seamlessly with the NELiX TransaX Payment Gateway. FileMaker developers can easily copy and paste our scripts and calculations into their customers database and have real time payment processing setup with in minutes!

Best of all it is free! Any customers who use the NELiX TransaX Payment Gateway have access to this FileMaker integration example with full documentation without any costs.

This represents something extremely powerful for developers! It adds more tools in their arsenal when delivering solutions to their customers, which will generate more developer dollars. A partnership with NELiX TransaX will generate another stream of revenue for developers. Additionally, real time payment processing will save their customers time and money!

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