Case Study: Banks and Programmers Don't Connect

At NELiX TransaX, we regularly encounter scenarios where computer programmers have trouble servicing clients in the area of payment processing. This can happen for a variety of reasons, but it presents two big problems for developers:

1. Integrating payment processing is problematic
2. Developers don't make any residuals income after the project is done.

NELiX TransaX can correct both of these issues. Check out this recent case study as it may relate directly to you.

Developer profile:
Expertise in all major programming languages and database types
Creates custom applications, both web and LAN based
Maintains/Modifies existing softwares
Referred clients to PayPal,, etc. for payment processing

Developing online purchasing system. Client uses QuickBooks for accounting.

Project Problems:
1. Gateway integration – limited options, bad documentation, and processor doesn’t understand programming

2. Security – client couldn’t operate without storing card holder data, not PCI compliant, gateway didn’t have good solution

3. Testing Support – developer couldn’t access the client’s gateway account to see transaction responses during testing

4. Data Management – client couldn’t export transaction data from gateway into QuickBooks. Manual, double entry was only way to update revenue accounts.

5. Opportunity Cost – developer spent too much time on integration, lost profit margin on project. Processor didn’t pay developer residuals on processing, lost out on future revenue.

Partnership with NELIX TransaX

NELiX TransaX is the only payment processing provider, a fully registered ISO of Visa and MasterCard, whose founders came from the application development world. We have a team of programmers on staff who fully understand what you do, your daily processes, and the pains of custom development. We’ve been there ourselves and we are here to help!

NELiX TransaX has a suite of developer tools to make your life easier. Our payment gateway has several integration options, sample code in major and niche technologies, and thorough documentation. The NELiX TransaX Customer Vault allows you to store card holder information in our PCI compliant system so that you and your clients don’t have to worry about security. We have QuickBooks file exports to pull transaction data from our system on demand and our agent level controls keep you in touch with all of your clients accounts.

Best of all, we will pay you! Stop giving money away to PayPal! By partnering with us, you will earn ongoing, residual commission on all payment gateway accounts, credit card processing accounts, ACH accounts, and more. You can add value to your clients, make your programming life easier, and gain a new stream of income.

Interested in learning more? Contact NELiX TransaX today:

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NELiX® TransaX LLC is a registered ISO/MSP of BancorpSouth Bank, Tupelo, MS.
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