Batch Payment Processing in QuickBooks

A couple months ago, we released a QuickBooks component that allows people to process credit card payments through QuickBooks.

This module brought a number of benefits to the table for QuickBooks users.
  1. It gives QuickBooks users a second option for payment processing.
  2. It brought ACH (e-check) processing into the picture.
  3. Using the NELiX TransaX Customer Vault, merchants can store billing information in the NELiX TransaX Payment Gateway, and never maintain that data, helping them maintain PCI compliance, reduce risk, and increase security.
  4. It can be customized to meet the needs of the specific merchant.
There was one problem however. You had to run the transactions one at a time. For some merchants, that works fine. An customer calls in asking to pay by credit card, that credit card payment is entered through QuickBooks, the customer is charged, payments recorded, etc.

However, many merchants have many transactions that need to be run - sometimes hundreds or thousands at a time. It's just not viable to run these one at a time.

It would be great if a merchant can select the customers to run transactions for (or select all of them), click a button, and all of the transactions are run automatically.

Even better would be if this process can be run unattended. Setup a scheduled task to run credit card and ACH payments for all customers with outstanding balances at midnight each night, for example.

Well, our newly released version 2.0 of the NELiX TransaX QuickBooks module does just that! Using the module, merchants can pull up a list of customers who:
  1. have outstanding balances
  2. have billing information on file within the NELiX TransaX Payment Gateway.
Merchants can then check off, or uncheck customers to bill, click a button, and each transaction is processed! Even better, the unattended mode allows merchants to schedule the transaction process to run once a week, once a day, once an hour, or whatever they see fit! Code can be written to launch the batch process from within other applications at the Merchants site.

At the end of the process, payment records are created for the successes, and a CSV file is produced with full details of every transaction. Merchants can bring this data into their back office system and handle the success and declines in any way they see fit.

Best of all, because we are a full development house, a merchant account provider, and a gateway provider, we can customize the process to meet the exact needs of the Merchant.

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