I have been quiet for awhile. That is because we have had something big brewing. And after over a year in development it is ready for launch! Presenting the TRANSAX Gateway!

TRANSAX Gateway is much more than just another payment gateway. Sure, our Virtual Terminal, Recurring Billing, Batch Upload, Reporting, and other common payment gateway features are much more feature rich and flexible than other payment gateways on the market.

But beyond that, there are a couple key factors that sets us apart:

1) A modular approach.   Hanging off of TRANSAX Gateway are modules that extend the functionality beyond a mere payment gateway.  The TRANSAX BillPay module adds a full Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment system that is completely integrated into the gateway.  Add our TRANSAX QB module, also fully integrated into TRANSAX Gateway and TRANSAX BillPay, and each component becomes more powerful.   Each new module enhances the core gateway as well as every other module.  Users can pick and choose which modules they want to use.  Many additional modules are upcoming - keep your eyes here for upcoming announcements!

2) Fully Scriptable.  We've designed TRANSAX Gateway with software developers in mind.  Everything is exposed via API.   Aside from being able to control your transactions through an API, you can fully control your recurring transactions, pull any data you need, control the BillPay module, etc - all through API.  This allows developers to use as much or as little as they want in order to build their solution.  They can use us as their backend, and build their own interface, or use the interface we provide, or bits and pieces of both.

The TRANSAX Gateway is a powerful tool for merchants, software developers and anybody providing merchant accounts or other payment processing vehicles to their customers.

For a full demo, contact us today!  And if you will be at ETA in New Orleans this year, visit our booth!  #823


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