Visit NELiX at FileMaker DevCon 2010

I just finished arranging our travel to FileMaker DevCon 2010 in San Diego this year! We're very exciting to be attending.

Our focus has always been on working with the development community to help enhance their product and service offerings to their client with respect to payment processing. At the same time, we add a new source of revenue to the developer's business.

FileMaker has been an application that our developers have had experience with way back since FileMaker Plus! Wow, that seems so long ago - 20+ years! FileMaker has been around for a long time, and with good reason. It's an extremely powerful, yet easy to use database.

NELiX TransaX has developed tools to help developers integrate credit card and ach / e-check payment processing into the applications they build. This allows the developer to provide additional services to their customer, and perhaps bill additional development hours for providing those services. At the same time, the developer's customer gets additional automation, saving them valuable time. We also can almost always reduce the customer's current processing costs, and we share revenues with the developer! It's a win win scenario.

We're happy to count many FileMaker developers already as NELiX TransaX partners! If you're a FileMaker developer and will be attending FileMaker DevCon 2010, stop by our booth and see what we have to offer!

More information on our FileMaker payment processing offerings.


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