Automation of Credit Card and ACH Collection

Although our focus is helping our software development partners improve, enhance, and streamline credit card and ACH collection processes using our technology, we find that often a merchant approaches us without a development team, and asks us to do the development for them.

We have been building many custom systems on behalf of our customers. The common themes we have seen are:

- Online Bill Pay and Presentment
- Mobile Credit Card Processing
- Credit Card Processing using Telephony

Although the systems we build are all completely custom and unique to the merchant, and we use our FleXport toolkit as the basis of all of them, we find that the above themes are the most common.

If you are a merchant, and have questions about how to put together a system that has payment processing as a core component, we are the experts! Talk to us, and we can point you in the right direction, build a system, or bring in one of our many development partners to help you out!

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