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Friday, February 6, 2009

QuickBooks and Credit Card Processing

QuickBooks is the accounting package of choice for more than 3 Million businesses and with good reason! It is a full featured and robust accounting package at a great price. I use it myself!

What most QuickBooks users don't know is that QuickBooks offers a full API, which allows developers to create software that will interact with their QuickBooks file.

Unfortunately, working with the QuickBooks API is extremely time intensive, which makes it cost prohibitive to create customizations to the payment processing procedures.

The credit card processing functionality built into QuickBooks is fully integrated and easy to use, but it is not customizable at all. For example, if you want to be able to easily accept ACH (E-check) payments through the same mechanism you cannot. If you wanted to automatically pull data from a third party system, then run transactions and write data into your QuickBooks file, you cannot.

Our goal is to help merchants further automate their processes while at the same time putting more tools in the toolbelt of developers, consultants and integrators.

NELiX TransaX has recently release a QuickBooks module, which gives QuickBooks users and alternative to processing credit card payments out of QuickBooks. This module supports all credit card transactions, the creation of sales receipts, receiving payments against invoices, rebilling customers, running ACH (e-check) transactions and more.

Additionally, we're giving the source code away for FREE to qualified QuickBooks consultants, integrators and developers who partner with NELiX TransaX.

For more information visit:

NELiX TransaX QuickBooks Module
NELiX TransaX Developers Site
NELiX TransaX

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