I love Microsoft Access

I have been using Microsoft Access personally since 1991. Seems so long ago. It was version 1.1 when I started with it.

Since that time, me and my team of developers have built literally hundreds of Access databases. Access is probably my favorite application to work in, with Excel a close second.

With Microsoft Access it is so easy to whip up forms, reports, queries, etc. It is probably the greatest data manipulation tool that I have seen, and I've worked with many different tools!

Best of all, it is bundled with a Visual Basic based programming language that allows you to perform any automation that you need. You can use Access as a front end to a SQL Server backend and have it connect with any of countless remote data sources.

I use Access daily personally to manipulate my own data and automate otherwise manual processes. We have Access databases linked up with our QuickBooks files to manipulate data there, as well as with many different SQL Server, MySQL and Access databases we work with.

That is why, when a new developer calls us looking to integrate payment process (credit card and/or ACH) into their Access based application, my heart soars. I love to see it. These integrations are just so easy - we can do them usually in an hour or less. And it is so seemless, that the developer, and the clients, are always beyond happy.

It is a beautiful thing! I do have a place in my heart for many other database packages as well - 4D and FileMaker to name a couple. Each tool should be suited for it's purpose, and every database package has it's strengths and weaknesses. For data manipulation, none surpass Access.

More information on Microsoft Access and Credit Card Integration.


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