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TRANSAX Gateway now fully Responsive!

Today TRANSAX has announced that the TRANSAX Gateway has been fully redesigned using Responsive HTML.Responsive HTML and HTML 5 are the latest platform for building mobile ready websites. Using a fully Responsive design, the website completely re-flows based on its container. So, the website looks spectacular whether viewed on a mobile browser, on a tablet, on a desktop computer, on a kiosk, on a TV, or any size screen.

TRANSAX Gateway gives merchants control over their Hosted Payment Form

Many small merchants and medium sized merchants, as well as many software as a service providers, seek to use a Hosted Payment Form for collecting payments from their customers. This allows the payment to occur on a PCI compliant third party website, and therefore takes the merchant out of scope from a PCI compliance perspective. The disadvantage of this practice is that the merchants lose control over the form.