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Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) in QuickBooks!

I am extremely excited about the new features that we recently added to the NELiX TransaX QuickBooks module. Now, in addition to being able to perform Credit Card and ACH (E-check) processing from within QuickBooks using our module, and in addition to the powerful batch processing features of our QuickBooks module, you can now perform Remote Deposit Capture (RDC), Check Conversion, Check 21 through our QuickBooks module! The module is integrated with select Epson and RDM Check readers. Just plug them in, install the drivers, and you're ready to roll. - No more manually entering received checks into QuickBooks - No more filling out deposit slips. - No more endorsing your checks. - No more driving to the bank. - No more waiting in lines! It is an exciting new feature of the module. We have more big features on the way. Keep watching this space... Information on RDC through QuickBooks Infomation on NELiX TransaX

Why I Love Programmers

One of the greatest facets of my job is having the distinct honor of working with developers around the world. As everybody in this day and age knows, E-Commerce is an essential component to most internet based applications. Because of the technology we provide to the development community, we are constantly approached by innovators. These developers have ideas on how to use technology to reshape the world and approach us because our technology adds tools to help them realize their vision. Being exposed to these innovators is extremely uplifting. I love hearing about the dreams and visions of these developers. Of course, due to confidentiality agreements in place, I can't go into any detail on the specific innovations, but seeing the concepts of Ruby developers, QuickBooks consultants, MS Access programmers, .NET gurus, FileMaker wizards, Flash designers - well, it highlights why I love the business I am in. These people are ready to change the world - and it happens every day.