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Unplug your FileMaker Payment Solution

TRANSAX FM is our brand new release to help FileMaker developers quickly and easily integrate payment processing services via TRANSAX Gateway. The latest version is compatible with FileMaker 12 and newer. Unlike previous versions, you don’t need the TROI URL plug-in to power it. TRANSAX FM 2.0 is completely self-contained. And best of all, it’s free! If you’re an existing TRANSAX Gateway user, you can download our latest FileMaker solution from the Integrations tab inside your gateway account. If you’re a FileMaker developer in need of a solution for your clients, call us today at 866-513-1547 to set an Agent account and gain access to all of our great processing tools.

Let's Meet in San Francisco @ T15

ETA's annual payment conference hosts over 4000+ Attendees and1000+ C-Level Executives from over 30 Countries. We are one of the 200+ proud exhibitors. Make sure you stop by BOOTH 428 to see what we have up our sleeves for 2015.   Schedule an Appointment: We are currently reserving time for one-on-one meetings now. Call to schedule a face-to-face meeting, set up a lunch/dinner, or to just hang out for a few drinks. Call 866-513-1547 and speak with Cassandra today.

Gateway Update Log:

Update Log: NEW FEATURE A new “Quick User Management” page has been posted to the Agent’s Settings menu.  This allows you to perform multiple simple tasks for any of your merchant’s users such as reset passwords, use Log In As, and unlocking accounts. ENHANCEMENT New search filters have been posted to the Agent dashboard in the Search Tile (Gateway ID and Merchant ID).  You can search for these numbers from the full Merchant Listing Page as well. ENHANCEMENT Merchant Name, Gateway ID, and User Account Number have been added to the subject line and message body of Support Requests completed by your merchants.  They will be auto-filled based on the credentials with which the merchant is logged into the system. ENHANCEMENT The HPP documentation has been modified to reflect the date format we use everywhere in the API docs (YYYY-MM-DD) ENHANCEMENT Changed the default selection of the Top Merchants By QTY/Volume tiles on the Agent Dashboard to be the “

Gateway Update Log:

Update Log: NEW FEATURE A new FileMaker code sample was developed for FileMaker 12 – newer.   The newest version is usable on Windows, Mac, and FileMaker Go!  It eliminates use of the Troi URL Plug-in which makes the new solution independent and completely free ( Troi had expensive licensing fees ). ENHANCEMENT HPP now has the ability to disable "Add to Safe" checkbox so that cardholders cannot choose to tokenize their own data (thereby incurring a SAFE fee) if the merchant does not want them to have that option. ENHANCEMENT HPP now features a Start Date & Time and an End Date& Time which will automatically enable and disable an HPP as the merchant would like.  Perfect for setting up limited run sale prices, event registration periods, and more. ENHANCEMENT HPP documentation updated to include Start Date & Time and an End Date& Time and how to use them. ENHANCEMENT TRANSAX Desktop has been changed to use the Chrom