Gateway Update Log:

Update Log:

NEW FEATURE A new FileMaker code sample was developed for FileMaker 12 – newer.   The newest version is usable on Windows, Mac, and FileMaker Go!  It eliminates use of the Troi URL Plug-in which makes the new solution independent and completely free (Troi had expensive licensing fees).
ENHANCEMENT HPP now has the ability to disable "Add to Safe" checkbox so that cardholders cannot choose to tokenize their own data (thereby incurring a SAFE fee) if the merchant does not want them to have that option.
ENHANCEMENT HPP now features a Start Date & Time and an End Date& Time which will automatically enable and disable an HPP as the merchant would like.  Perfect for setting up limited run sale prices, event registration periods, and more.
ENHANCEMENT HPP documentation updated to include Start Date & Time and an End Date& Time and how to use them.
ENHANCEMENT TRANSAX Desktop has been changed to use the Chromium browser tool instead of Internet Explorer.  Additionally, the Chromium browser components are included in the Desktop application installer to help make Desktop independent of the local computer environment.
ENHANCEMENT Specific to merchants whom TRANSAX is billing directly – A new page has been created for Merchants whose accounts are overdue and has been locked.  Upon logging into an overdue account, Merchants will be shown both of the billing accounts on file, have the ability to update those accounts, and choose which account should be billed in order to pay their balance and unlock the account.  Merchants cannot access their account without paying the balance first.
FIX Searches on the Merchant Listing page did not include merchants under Sub-Agents.  It does now.
FIX The Detail View of the Settlement Report was not including the correct number of transactions, as was shown in the Summary View.  The Detail View was corrected to match the Summary View.
FIX The Virtual Terminal of TRANSAX Desktop now has Order Description field in the same location as the browser based Virtual Terminal.
FIX Hosted Payment Pages (HPP) a “Donation” label was updated to reflect current language of “Cardholder Specified Amount”.


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