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Mobile Payment Processing is going crazy!

It is clear that mobile computing is the wave of the future. With the introduction of "app" driven devices - first iPhone, then Android, and now Windows Mobile and Blackberry have jumped on board - the power of mobile devices has skyrocketed. This environment is a haven for innovation and creativity. New uses for mobile technology are introduced on a daily basis. One area that there is a ton of activity, and much more to come is the mobile payment processing. Credit card acceptance through mobile devices is expected to skyrocket to $1 billion by 2014!!! Take a look at this article on the topic: Mobile Payments Take Hold Around The World. We are very excited about our mobile strategy. TRANSAX mobile for iPhone has been out for over a year now, with great results. Our Android app will be introduced within a matter of days. But that is just the start. We have many exciting mobile related offerings to come. Our goal is to help everybody easily accept credit card and ACH / e-c

Accept credit card payments using Lasso

TRANSAX has released another update to their TRANSAX FlexPort. The FlexPort ToolKit enables developers to easily integrate payment processing (credit card, debit card, ACH / e-check, remote deposit capture (RDC), etc) into their applications. With the latest release, a new Lasso Tag has been added. Lasso is a technology used by many FileMaker developers to build a web based front end. With the new Lasso Tag included in the FlexPort ToolKit, Lasso developers can easilya dd credit card acceptance to their application. "Combining our Lasso Tag, our FileMaker plug-in, and our PHP integration examples, we are an ideal partner for any FileMaker developer looking to add credit card or ACH acceptance to their application," explains Matthew J. Schwartz, President of TRANSAX.

QuickBooks Module Version 6.0 Released! Now with Bill Pay!

Version 6.0 of our QuickBooks module has been released! Here are the new features: There is better “clairvoyance” in the drop down menus throughout the system. Add a new customer on the fly when creating a sales receipt Add a new customer on the fly when adding / updating vault records. Filter batches by invoice transaction date. Filter batches by invoice due date. Set the system up to “auto mark” invoices to be e-mailed after running a transaction. Set the system up to record the transaction description on the receive payment record. Bill Pay Module - Pay a vendor by ACH Bill Pay Module - Record that vendor in the vault Bill Pay Module - Run a “batch” bill pay to pay all vaulted vendors with open bills!

Android Developers - easily process payments in your app

Our philosophy has always been about empowering merchants and software developers. We do this by providing tools for both software developers and merchants that allow them to automate, enhance and streamline their business processes. Of course, our focus is in the payment processing space. We want to help software developers easily integrate points of payment everywhere! The TransaX FleXport toolkit is a suite of tools for software developers using many different platforms. We have now added Android Developers into that mix! Our new Android FleXport component is a library that can be used by Android Developers. Easily add points of payment to your Android app. Accept payments easily in games, shopping apps, subscription apps, music apps, etc. Using our technology, you can create easy one click purchases, allowing customers to pay with billing info already on file. If you are an Android developer that builds custom apps for your customers, and you use our technology for your payment pro

TRANSAX Mobile on the Android - Process Credit Card and ACH

TRANSAX is proud to introduce TRANSAX Mobile - now available on Android mobile devices!!! Accept credit card (Mastercard, Visa, Discover, AMEX, etc) and ACH (E-check / EFT) on your Android Mobile device. Send e-mail receipts and issue refunds. It's easy to accept payments on the go with TRANSAX Mobile. With mobile technologies on the rise at an amazing pace, and everybody moving faster and faster, new options for payment processing continue to pop up. TRANSAX Mobile, the new Android app, is our first offering in the Android marketplace. Our iPhone offering has had amazing success, and we are even more excited about Android. We have many enhancements planned. Keep an eye on for updates! More information on processing credit cards using TRANSAX Mobile

Understanding a Credit Card Sale

While almost all businesses today accept credit cards, the vast majority of business owners don't truly understand how a credit card transaction works, the different cost structures, the PCI compliance aspect, or the automation options available. The goal of this article is to help make the complicated world of credit card processing more transparent. It seems simple enough – hand a business your credit card, they hand over your purchase, and a couple of days later they have your money and you're enjoying your latest toy. What that situation doesn't show you are the 8 other companies which make it possible. Not counting the Consumer and the Merchant, all of the following companies have a hand in processing a single credit card sale: Issuing Bank – The financial institution from which the Consumer obtained their credit or debit card. If you have a Chase credit or debit card for instance, then Chase is your Issuing Bank Acquiring Bank – The financial institution which authori