Android Developers - easily process payments in your app

Our philosophy has always been about empowering merchants and software developers. We do this by providing tools for both software developers and merchants that allow them to automate, enhance and streamline their business processes. Of course, our focus is in the payment processing space.

We want to help software developers easily integrate points of payment everywhere! The TransaX FleXport toolkit is a suite of tools for software developers using many different platforms. We have now added Android Developers into that mix! Our new Android FleXport component is a library that can be used by Android Developers.

Easily add points of payment to your Android app. Accept payments easily in games, shopping apps, subscription apps, music apps, etc. Using our technology, you can create easy one click purchases, allowing customers to pay with billing info already on file.

If you are an Android developer that builds custom apps for your customers, and you use our technology for your payment processing needs, you can sign up for our agent program and build an additional income stream.

More information on Android payment processing integration.
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