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NELiX TransaX LLC adds Accounts Payable / Bill Pay to their QuickBooks payment processing plug in.

The NELiX TransaX QuickBooks Module has gained a significant amount of attention in the QuickBooks community. Features such as the ability to process ACH / E-Check payments, the ability to run check scans (Remote Deposit Capture - RDC / Check Conversion), the powerful Sync module that pulls in transactions from other sources, such as a website, and the most sought after feature - the batch process, which allows merchants to process thousands of transactions against their invoices with the click of a button, has made the NELiX TransaX QuickBooks module a valuable tool for many merchants. With the latest major release of the NELiX TransaX, QuickBooks module, a new accounts payable module has been added. The Bill Pay module allows merchants to pay their vendors using an ACH transaction. "With the new Bill Pay module, " explains Adam O'Hare, Vice President of NELiX TransaX, "merchants have the ability to pay hundreds or thousands of bills with one simple action." Ju

Pay Bills Through QuickBooks!!

Some time ago, during one of our month end processes, I watched as my staff proccessed hundreds of payments. We use QuickBooks, so this meant that we had to print out all of the checks, stuff them in envelopes, stamp them, then bring them to the post office. Of course, some of them were returned with bad address, and we'd have to chase those down. So, I was thinking that it was so easy to collect payments using the NELiX TransaX QuickBooks module, why couldn't you make payments too? So now, with the new release of the NELiX TransaX QuickBooks Payment Module version 6, you can now pay your vendors with ACH, store their billing informaiton for subsequent payments, and use our batch process to pay hundreds or thousands of vendors at once at the click of a button!!! Watch this space for more information, or contact us today !

FileMaker DevCon Here We Come!

We are excited to be once again exhibiting at FileMaker DevCon this year in August in Sunny San Diego! We'll be showing off our FileMaker technology for running credit cards and ACH / e-check transactions directly from your FileMaker database. We're especially excited that this year we'll have an opportunity to be on stage and showcase our technology to the attendees. Don't hesitate - sign up for the show today! We hope to see you there. More on FileMaker DevCon 2011 More on Credit Card and ACH processing in FileMaker .