Developers: Integrate Credit Cards! Earn Money!

It's simple. You are a software developer. Integrate payment processing into your applications on behalf of your customers, and earn money!

Merchant account providers, for the most part, understand that people need to process payments online. However, they don't understand technology as a whole, and how it's used in the market place.

Developers, for the most part, understand that they may need to integrate some form of payment collecting into an application they are developing, but they don't understand, for the most part, the merchant account industry.

The result of this is a lot of business left on the table. Many developers will go out and find partners, when their customer asks them to add a credit card processing piece to their system. The developer will go out, find some component somewhere, plug it in, bill for their development hours, and be done with it.

We at NELiX TransaX have the answer!

- We have examples of credit card integration in almost any programming language.
- We have developers on staff who can assist and perform the integration.
- We have a feature rich gateway that allows developers to fully manage their customers accounts.
- Our tools will help you integrate new and better functionality for your customers
- Our tools will help your customers easily maintain PCI compliance.
- Of course, we can save your client money on their credit card processing costs.
- And best of all, we share residuals with developers for the lifetime of the account!

If you develop custom applications, you will earn additional development hours from your customers as you integrate new features.

If you have a "canned" software package you sell, you'll be able to add additional features such as ACH acceptance, single click purchase, Remote Deposit Capture (RDC), etc.

Every developer that we work with loves our technology, our services, and how we've helped them add an additional revenue stream to their business.

You are faced with this question from your clients regularly. You might as well earn money from it!

If you are a software developer, you should be working with NELiX TransaX.

More information for software developers.
More information for partners.


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