Flexible Pricing Controls

At one time we were resellers of all the top gateways. Like our agents, we would cherry pick which gateway to use based on the needs of the merchant. That was until we built our own gateway from the ground up in an effort to eliminate a fragmented portfolio. Part of our inspiration for the rebuild was flexible pricing. We have all lost prospects to unavoidable fee structures. Most of the time there is nothing an agent can do about it. Or is there? With our gateway agents can do three things other gateways usually won't allow:

Sell Below Buy Rate - Sell lower than your own costs or waive fees entirely. You have the power to create and market any pricing package you want.

Feature by Feature Pricing - Virtually every feature can be sold with additional fees including Setup, Monthly, or Transaction basis.

Charge by Basis Points - Charge merchants using basis points instead of a flat monthly or transaction fee.

Flexible Pricing Controls


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