Tools for Android Developers

TRANSAX has released another update to the FlexPort ToolKit. The FlexPort ToolKit enables developers to easily integrate payment processing (credit card, debit card, ACH / e-check, remote deposit capture (RDC), etc) into their applications. With the latest release, a new class has been added specifically for Android developers.

Mobile payments is a growing market, and more and more app developers need a solution for accepting payments within the apps they build. Our tools make it as easy as plug and play to add points of payment into any Android app.

"This is the most exciting release to date," explains Matthew J. Schwartz, President of TRANSAX. "We plan to make it easy for mobile application developers to accept in-app payments."

The TRANSAX FlexPort Toolkit includes documentation, example integrations and modules for:
  • VB.NET 1.1
  • VB.NET 2.0
  • C#
  • Classic ASP
  • Microsoft Access
  • VB6
  • PHP
  • Ruby
  • 4D/4th Dimension
  • FileMaker
  • iMIS
  • Flex/Flash
  • FoxPro
  • ColdFusion
  • JAVA
  • Lasso
  • Android

"We have exciting new offerings in the near future in the mobile arena, " adds Adam O'Hare, Vice President of TRANSAX, " this market continues to grow, and we plan to continue to serve the development community."

More information on payment integrations using TRANSAX FlexPort


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