QuickBooks Payment Processing - a Testamonial

It is always great when you hear from a client who appreciates the work you've done. Here is a letter I recently received:

"I’ve probably said thank you already, but can I just express one last round of
thanks for the amazing work you did with the automation of the billing (and the
invoice check-off)?

You are a genius, and this has truly made the billing experience so much easier.

I appreciate all of your help. " - Barbara Cesarello, StubHub

What makes this even more flattering is that StubHub is owned by E-Bay, the same company that owns PayPal. StubHub turned to us to help them with their QuickBooks billing process. The use of our QuickBooks plug in for credit card and ACH acceptance greatly streamlined their process.

More on StubHub.
More on the NELiX TransaX QuickBooks plug-in for credit card and ACH acceptance.


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