Configure Magento using the NELiX TransaX Emulator

Here are your step by step instructions for configuring Magento using the TRANSAX Gateway AIM Emulator
  1. Log in to the Magento Admin

  2. Go to System -> Configuration in navigation bar

  3. Select Payment Methods from the left side navigation.

  4. Select down arrow on bar (below Purchase Order)

  5. Enabled drop down set to -> Yes

  6. Adjust Payment Action as desired:
    To perform a sale, select Authorize and Capture
    To perform only an Auth, select Auth Only

  7. Insert your TRANSAX Username in the API Login ID (i.e. transaxdemo)

  8. Insert your TRANSAX Password in the Transaction Key (i.e. Nelix123!)

  9. Change the Payment Gateway Post URL to -> 

  10. Adjust any other settings as desired

  11. Click Save Config (orange button) near top right
You are ready to run transactions!

Read Here for more information and details regarding our Auth.Net AIM Emulator.


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