Swipe over IP with Magtek Magnesafe

With identity theft rampant in today's internet, security continues to become more and more important. A common practice of merchants is to use a USB swipe reader, plugged into a computer. The merchant then swipes the consumer's card, which sends it through the USB card reader, into the computer, and to a database, point of sale system, payment gateway, or some other processing software.

Originally, this wall done in a keyboard emulator mode - basically in clear text. Not very secure at all. Later, HID mode was introduced, which hid the swiped data a little better, but it was still unencrypted and extractable.

With MagTek's Magnesafe card readers, the card date is encrypted at the head before it is transmitted. Using the NELiX TransaX Payment Gateway, you can send in your Magnesafe encrypted data. We decrypt on our end and process the payment. Process swiped transactions securely and easily, and maintain PCI complaince!

More information on the NELiX TransaX Payment Gateway


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