The TRANSAX Gateway

The TRANSAX payment gateway is the core of our offerings. All of our FleXport technology - examples using 4D, FileMaker, PHP, Ruby, Access, Classic ASP, .NET, iMIS, QuickBooks, Flash/Flex, etc - use the payment gateway to work their magic.

Because this is a critical piece of our technology, we have recently launched a site dedicated to the gateway itself! The TRANSAX Gateway site talked about features such as our Customer Vault for PCI compliance and tokenizing transactions, our rich fraud prevention tools, our ACH tools and our integration options.

Sign up for a free demo at the site and see for yourself why the TRANSAX Gateway stands far above the rest.

The TRANSAX Gateway site


bineesh said…
I have seen many sites most of them do not look this good....
Thanks ....

accounts outsourcing
Thank you for the kind words! Our designer knows his stuff :-)

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