Credit Card and ACH Automation

Our specialty is putting together completely unique and custom systems for payment processing. This is a service that is hard to find, and there are many merchants who have large headaches when it comes to payment processing.

The majority of the payment processing industry does not have a good understanding of this need. The majority of tech industry do not have a good understanding of payment processing. Because of this, merchants with unique problems are often left to come up with manual and cumbersome solutions on their own.

We have a good understanding of both sides of the coin and are able to find solutions to previously unsolvable problems. Here are a few examples:
  1. Customer using FileMaker. Every night, this customer exported data from FileMaker, and ran a batch process consisting of thousands of transactions. The next day, the results would be imported back into FileMaker. This resulted in a customer service nightmare, as customer service reps would spend their days chasing after consumers with declined cards. Using the FlexPort toolkit, and our FileMaker integration examples, we integrated credit card and ACH processing directly from within their database. Now, transactions occur in real-time and declines are caught before the customer ever hangs up the phone.
  2. Customer with sales reps in rural areas, no internet access, no technology. Using our Customer Vault technology, we setup a system where reps can call in and punch in a credit card number, returning a sequence number. Later (sometimes months later) when the customer is ready to be billed, that sequence number is referenced along with the amount of the transaction, and the customers credit card his charged.
  3. Customer with three different systems - a Flash/Flex system, a .NET system and QuickBooks. Credit Card/ACH transactions are initiated in the Flash/Flex system, managed in the .NET system, and processed in QuickBooks. Customer had endless difficulty getting information to move between systems and share transaction data. Using the FlexPort library, along with the Customer Vault all three systems work together in a fully automated payment process.
The FlexPort toolkit contains examples/modules for many technologies - 4D, FileMaker, Microsoft Access, .NET (VB.NET/C#), PHP, Classic ASP, Flash/Flex, Ruby, iMIS, QuickBooks, OS Commerce, etc, etc, etc.

Do you have a unique scenario for processing your credit card/ACH transactions? We have the tools to help you automate and streamline those processes.

If you are a developer, talk to us today and we will empower you to help your customers with their payment processing needs.


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