Credit Card Processing in Flash

A few weeks ago, we released a module for integrating payment processing into Flash using Flex.

We have recently added a second module for integrating into Flash using the Flash IDE. For developers who do not want to venture into the world of Flex, integrating payment processing (credit cards and ACH) into Flash has never been easier!

You can now easily integrate points of payment in any flash website, game, movie, etc. Combined with our powerful Customer Vault, one click payments are easy. Users can fill out their billing info upon signing up for a website, and one click points of payment can be integrated throught every game, movie, flash demo, or any other flash application.

Flash developers are extremely creative. With our toolset, the possibilities for integrating credit card and ACH acceptance within Flash are endless.

More information on credit card and ACH processing in Flash/Flex/ActionScript

Download the NELiX TransaX FleXport toolkit

More information on NELiX TransaX


Credit Cards NJ said…
Does it matter who the processor is to use the Flash processing program you mentioned?
As long as you are using our payment gateway, you can use any of our technology. This does not require getting a merchant account from us. For more information, contact Adam O'Hare -

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