4D Payment Processing Integration

It always amazes me when I see a merchant who uses a enterprise wide database system to manage all of the processes for their business, but then goes to a swipe terminal to manually punch in credit card numbers when a new order comes in via fax or phone.

I was at a customer's office the other day and they had this exact scenario. They were using a 4th Dimension database system (commonly referred to as 4D) and did not even realize that processing payments directly out of their system was possible.

We brought up this possibility, and needless to say, they were ecstatic! The problem is that most developers don't know that this can be done or, if they do, they do not know how to accomplish it. In the 4D world, there are few companies out there with the knowledge needed to integrate the custom developed system with a payment processing system.

NELiX TransaX has made this easy! We have the sample code in 4D / 4th Dimension available for anybody to see. The sample integrates with the NELiX TransaX Payment Gateway to perform Credit Card, Debit Card and ACH (e-check) transactions.

You can download the code on our 4D Credit Card/ACH Integration page!

We have the same code in many programming languages - VB.NET, C#, Classic ASP, Microsoft Access, RUBY, PHP, etc. These examples can be found NELiX TranasaX FleXPort page.


Anonymous said…
Took me 2 hours to implement. Jay Menna

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